Dentures that Fit Well & Look Natural

Many people wait years to get help for dental problems like gum disease and tooth loss, but with today’s advances in restorative dentistry, there’s no reason wait any longer. Whether you only recently began experiencing a dental problem or if it is something you have lived with for many years, Dr. Jeff S. Luffey, DDS, an Albuquerque family dentist, can treat your dental problem and improve your overall quality of life.

Finding the right fit for your dentures is both an art and a science. Dr. Luffey is a family dentist who provides treatments like root canals, as well also a restorative dentist who creates beautiful dentures that fit well and are functional and attractive.

Dentures that Look Real & Enhance Your Quality of Life

For many people, dentures make the difference between struggling to eat and speak comfortably and eating and talking naturally. Your teeth have a major impact on your day-to-day life, and if you’re less than happy with your smile Dr. Luffey and his team are here to provide quality dentures that fit well and are stable. The dentures we create won’t cause pain or move around while you eat.

Partial dentures or complete dentures replace the teeth in your upper or lower mouth, or both. All of our dentures and dental bridges are custom made using materials that are durable and look natural. You won’t have a “denture look.” Instead, we ensure your dentures are the right shape, color and size for a natural look. If jaw misalignment is causing pain or chipping, Dr. Luffey provides neuromuscular dentistry to find the optimal resting position of you jaw.

Dental Bridges for Missing Teeth—Partial Dentures in Albuquerque

Dental bridges consist of one to three artificial teeth that replace a gap where a tooth has fallen out or been removed. Dr. Luffey has many years of experience designing and placing dental bridges that look completely natural and blend in with your natural teeth. Once Dr. Luffey creates your dental bridge, he will bond them to your natural teeth.

What is the Process for Getting Dentures?

Dr. Luffey will begin with a full oral exam and consultation at our Albuquerque dental office to discuss different options for dentures. Several types of dentures exist, including complete dentures and partial dentures, or dental bridges. Once you and Dr. Luffey decide the best treatment for you, Dr. Luffey will make a series of impressions on your jaw and measurements of how your jaws work together and how much space is between them.

Next, Dr. Luffey will create a model in the exact shape and position of your dentures. Once you try on this model, Dr. Luffey will assess the color, shape and fit before the final denture is cast. If you had teeth removed, you will need to wait about 6 to 12 weeks before placing your dentures. When your dentures are placed, Dr. Luffey will assess the outcome and make any adjustments necessary to ensure a comfortable, functional fit.

Dentures from a Dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dr. Luffey is a restorative dentist who is trained in replacing teeth, overbite correction and TMJ pain relief. If you are considering full dentures, you may also want to consider a full mouth reconstruction that includes the use of dental implants to permanently replace every tooth in your mouth.