Same Day Root Canals & Crowns

Tooth pain can indicate a number of dental problems, including cavities and gum disease. Cavities can be repaired with tooth fillings, but if an infection decays the nerve of a tooth, a root canal treatment may be necessary to save the tooth. Dr. Jeff S. Luffey, DDS, is a family dentist who performs root canal therapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If fear of going to the dentist has kept you from getting the treatment that you need, Dr. Luffey offers optional sedation dentistry for your comfort.

What is Root Canal Therapy? What are the Causes of Root Canals?

Root canal therapy saves a tooth that is dead, damaged or infected. The pulp inside of your tooth is made up of nerves and blood vessels that are living. The nerves and vessels of the pulp can become infected for a number of reasons:

  • Decay: Bacteria that causes tooth decay infects the pulp, causing decay.
  • Trauma: A traumatic injury causes inflammation of the pulp inside the tooth.
  • Deep Fillings: Dental fillings placed too close to the pulp chamber can damage the tooth.
  • Unexplained: Sometimes the pulp can become inflamed and die for not immediate reason.

A root canal stops the infection and the tooth pain you are experiencing. Without root canal therapy, your tooth will eventually decay until it falls out or requires extraction. A more serious infection of your gums and jaw could occur, causing painful abscesses to form. In extreme cases, the infection could become systemic, affecting your entire body and putting you at risk for serious conditions like heart disease and stroke.

Pain-Free Root Canal Process—Ask Us About Sedation Dentistry!

Before performing root canal therapy, Dr. Luffey will numb your tooth with a local anesthetic to provide a pain-free treatment. During the treatment, the bacteria, nerves and pulp inside your tooth are removed and replaced with a bio-compatible material, gutta percha. Once your root canal is performed, you have the option to have Dr. Luffey place a cosmetic restoration, such as a crown or porcelain veneer.

Sometimes root canals can cause a patient to feel anxiety about the treatment, leading them to avoid getting the important dental treatment that they need. For those patients, Dr. Luffey offers sedation dentistry. Sedation medication will relax you so you have a comfortable root canal. While you will remain conscious, sedation dentistry is so effective many patients do not remember the root canal taking place!

Signs You Need a Root Canal

You may be experiencing some pain in one or more of your teeth, but does it need a root canal? Dr. Luffey can examine the tooth during a dental checkup to be certain, but here are a few signs that you may need a root canal:

  • Moderate to severe tooth pain.
  • A toothache so intense it wakes you up at night.
  • Pain while chewing.
  • Swelling on your gum that may release blood or pus.
  • Pain that starts in the tooth and spreads to the jaw or head.

You don’t have to wait to treat tooth pain—instead request an appointment online or call us at (505) 294-4700. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Luffey can perform a pain-free root canal and attach a porcelain crown in just one office visit!

Same Day Root Canal and Crowns in Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Luffey uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you with same day root canals and crowns. As one of the best cosmetic dentists in Albuquerque, he can perform your root canal and attach a crown to your tooth all in one pain-free appointment. Dr. Luffey uses CEREC© technology to create custom dental crowns that are strong, durable, and shaped to look just like your natural teeth!